Selected Talks


Keith Whittle, Keynote – Pleasure Gardens, Pavilions and Prestige: A Toward a Minor History of Biennialism (2023)

Lewis Biggs, Founding Director of Liverpool Biennial (2023). Talk chaired by Keith Whittle

Shubigi Rao, Curator of Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2022-23, (2023). Talk chaired by Keith Whittle

Fram Kitagawa, General Director of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, (2023). Talk chaired by Keith Whittle

Leah Gordon, Co-founder of the Ghetto Biennale, (2023). Talk chaired by Keith Whittle


Biennial Fever: An Anthology of Perennial International Exhibitions of Contemporary Art, AIT, Tokyo, (2016). Talk series by Keith Whittle at AIT, Tokyo (2016)

Film Without Film: Shimurabros in conversation with Keith Whittle, The Japan Foundation, London,  (2016)

One Place After Another: What can periodical International Contemporary Art Projects actually share? The Japan Foundation, London (2015). Talk by Keith Whittle and in conversation with Yuko HasegawaLewis Biggs, Koki Tanaka and Mark Rappolt, Editor, Art Review.

Post 3.11: What Can Art Do? – Talk Ichiro Endo, Keith Whittle and Kaori Homma, The Japan Foundation, London, (2014)

Art, Community and Engagement: Recent Trends from Japanese Art Projects, The Japan Foundation, London, (2010). Talk by Takashi Serizawa and in conversation with Keith Whittle and Andrea Schlieker, Director of exhibitions and displays at Tate Britain (2010)

Daisuke Ohba: The Light Field, talks and in conversation with Keith Whittle, The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London (2010)

Reflexions, Refractions, Inflexions: Matter and Light talk by Liliane Lijn, V&A South Kensington (2011)

Mirrored Lenses: A brief history of Japanese Video and Media Art, Cornerhouse, Manchester (2008)

Selected Academic Lectures

On Actuality: Experimental ideas and methods in art, music and literature in Early Postwar Japan, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

Unfreedom of Expression: Art, Activism, Expression and Internalisation of Censorship in Japan, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

MAVO: Transnational Avant-gardism in Taisho-era Japan, 1912-1926, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

Inexorable Modernity: Modern Japanese art; aesthetics, painting, sculpture, performance and experimental theatre 1880-1935, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

Real Times: Art after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

Selected Gallery Projects

Bontarō Dokuyama & Yumiko Ono, Borrowed Scenery ‘Study’, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (2021)

Mari Katayama, Broken Heart, White Rainbow, London (2019)

Chim Pom, Why Open? White Rainbow, London (2018)

Meiro Koizumi, Battlelands, White Rainbow, London (2018)

Taro Izumi, My Eyes are not in the centre, White Rainbow, London (2018)

Aki Sasamoto, Clothes Line, White Rainbow, London (2018)

Chikako Yamashiro, Shapeshifter, White Rainbow, London (2018)

Yuko Mohri, Moré Moré [Leaky], White Rainbow, London (2018)

Shigeo Anzaï, Index I&II, White Rainbow, London (2017)

Laure Prouvost, Questions Will Be Asked, Sallaumines | Maison de l’Art et de la Communication (2016)

Aoyama Satoru, Division of Labour, White Rainbow, London (2016)

Adam Chodzko, Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Beppu, Japan (2015)

Sutapa Biswas, Mata Ne, Beppu, Japan (2015)

Tony Hill, Downside up perspective, gravity, scale and movement – an exhibition of Filmworks, 51zero (2015)

David Blandy, Anjin 1600: Edo Wonderpark, Rose Lipman Building, London (2013)

Fan Chon Hoo, Into the World of Palpable Objects and Fruitful, No11 Spitalfields, London (2011)

Masaki Fujihata, The Conquest of Imperfection, Cornerhouse, Manchester (2008)

Lu Chunsheng, The first man who bought a juicer bought it not for drinking juice, Artpace San Antonio, Iniva – Institute of International Visual Arts, London and Stephenson Works, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2011-12)

Erika Tan & Mio Shirai, A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, UK and BankART NYK (2008/09)

Selected Site-Specific Public-Realm

Adel Abdessemed, EXIT, Beppu, Japan (2009)

Michael Lin, 04.11-06.14.09, Beppu, Japan (2009)

Hossein Golba, Roshandel, light of heart homage to all the blind people), Roshandel, light of heart, Beppu, Japan (2009), and Homage to Kazuya Ito and Peshawar-kai), Saifukuji Temple, Beppu, Japan (2009)

Lani Maestro, Higugma (Breath), Beppu, Japan (2009)

SARKIS, Colors in the water, Beppu, Japan (2009)

Jin-me Yoon, As It Is Becoming, Beppu, Japan (2009)

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Honeymoon in Beppu, Beppu, Japan (2009)

Selected Residencies

Adam Chodzko, UK – Artist in Residence, Japan (2015)

Sutapa Biswas, UK – Artist in Residence, Japan (2015)

Yuko Mohri, Japan – Artist in Residence UK – V&A South Kensignton UK (2016)

Rodrigo Gonzalez Castillo, México, ARCUS Residency Programme, Japan (2013)

Sybille Neumeyer, Germany, ARCUS Residency Programme, Japan (2013)

Nandesha Shanthi Prakash, India, ARCUS Residency Programme, Japan (2013)

Yuko Mohri, Japan – Artist in Residence – Newcastle, UK (2008)

Erika Tan, UK – Artist in Residence, Yokohama, Japan (2008)

Mio Shirai, Japan – Artist in Residence, Newcastle, UK (2008)

8gg, China – Artist in Residence, Newcastle, UK (2007)

Mark Amerika – Artist in Residence, ICA, London (2001)

John Maeda / MIT media lab – Artist in Residence, ICA, London (2001). What Do You Want To Do With It, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London (2001)

Selected Public-Realm Site-Specific Installations

Jiang Zhi, Onward! Onward! Onward! The Altar of Progress, Newcastle upon Tyne (2008)

Susan Collins and 8gg, Light Prop for a Digital Stage, Tyne & Wear (2007)

Lothar Götz, Capri, Tyne & Wear (2006)

Eric Bainbridge, James Hutchinson, Cargo, Tyne & Wear (2006)

Group National & International Touring

The first man who bought a juicer bought it not for drinking juice, Lu Chunsheng. Iniva, London and Stephenson Works, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2010)

A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling, Erika Tan & Mio Shirai. Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art & BankART 1929, Yokohama, Japan (2008/09) part of UK-Japan 2008 and Japan-UK 150

There Is No ‘I’ In Team, Group Exhibition of Chinese Moving Image and Interactive Art, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle upon Tyne and V&A, London, UK. Part of CHINA NOW and EAST’ 08 (2007/08)

Bloated City | Skinny Language, Hung Keung + imhk lab, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle upon Tyne (2007)

Brilliant City, Lighthouse Media Centre, Brighton (2006) MIC Toi Rerehiko, Auckland New Zealand (2007), MU Eindhoven, Netherlands (2007) and UK Arts Festival, Chongqing, China (2007)

Selected Solo Touring Exhibtions

Roderick Buchanan, History Painting, Camden Arts Centre, London (2005)*

Johan Grimonprez, Looking for Alfred, Photographers Gallery, London (2005)*

Jananne Al-Ani, The Visit, Tate Britain, London (2005)

Sutupa Biswas, Birdsong, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham (2004)*

Dryden Goodwin, Dilate, The New Art Gallery Walsall (2004)

Mark Leckey, Parade, Fabrica, Brighton (2003)

Jane and Louise Wilson, A Free and Anonymous Monument, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle upon Tyne (2003)

Marine Hugonnier, Ariana, Chisenhale Gallery, London (2003)

Simon Faithfull, Pump House Gallery, London (2003)

I Can’t Make You Love Me, 30km, Breda Beban, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton (2003)

Boyd Webb, Horse & Dog, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea (2002)

Carey YoungBusiness as Usual, Dundee Contemporary Arts (2002)

Graham Gussin, Remote Viewer, Wapping Project, London (2002)

Boyd Webb, Horse & Dog, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea (2002)

Abigail Lane, Tomorrow’s World, Yesterday’s Fever, Victoria Miro Gallery, London (2001)

A K Dolven, It Could Happen To You, South London Gallery (2001)

Isaac Julien (with Javier De Frutos) Cinerama, Tate Britain, shortlisted for Turner Prize, London (2000)

Mark Lewis, Peeping Tom, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford (2000)

Selected Online Projects

Susan Collins, Cris Cheek & Kirsten Lavers, Silicon Fen (2004 / 2005)

Michael Landy, Jake Tilson, Simon Biggs, Tristero* (2003/4)

Carey Young, I believe in you (2003)

Lucy Kimbell, Nick Crowe, Erika Tan & Jananne Al-Ani, Identinet (2003). Commissioned in partnership with Arts Council England and Channel 4

Janice Kerbel, Lucy Kimbell, Jake Tilson, Thomson & Craighead, Sonia BoyceSlipstream (2001)

Mark Amerika, FILMTEXT 1.1 Commissioned in partnership with PlayStation 2 / ICA (2001)

Single Channel Touring Programmes

Marina Abramovic and Ulay: Video and Performance (1995)

Cheryl Donegan: Video and Performance (1995)

Beban and Horvatic: Video and Performance (1995)

Bill Viola: Landscapes of the Mind (1995)

Daniel Reeves: Ongoing Obsessions (1995)

The Digital Underground (1995) Underworld, Tortoise and Aphex Twin, Stakker, tomato, Subterrain and Erik Saks

Vito Acconci: Video and Performance (1996)

Electric Dance (1996) Philippe Decouffle, Saburo Teshigawara and Bernar Hébert

Never a Dumb Moment (1996) Alan Currall, Monika Oechsler, Sean Dower and Jonathan Monk

No Pain, No Gain (1996) Chris Burden, Dennis Oppenheim and Marina Abramovic, Smith/Stewart and Gillian Dyson

William Wegman: Video and Performance (1996)

Computer World 3 (1997) Tamas Waliczky, Clea Waite, Christopher Landreth, Julien Dajez, and Richard Wright & Jason White

Heavy Rotation (1998) Chris Cunningham, Hexstatic, Film Unit AV and Grant Gee

Take Two (1998) Roderick Buchanan, Katharina Wibmer, Cheryl Donegan or John Wood & Paul Harrison

UKNY (1998) Douglas Gordon, Gillian Wearing, Georgina Starr and Sam Taylor-Wood and New York, Vanessa Beecroft, Alix Pearlstein and Alex Bag

Computer World 4 (1998) Philipp Hirsch, Tim Cheung and Laura Bangert, Tamas Waliczky, Kazuma Morino and Cécile Babiole.