Fountain fosters the careers of creative practitioners and establishes an international presence for young artists.  


Encompassing a spectrum of activities from curation, exhibition-making to publishing, commissioning and the production of events that explore and interpret different modes of cultural production and engagement. 


Fostering and advancing artistic and curatorial collaboration through monographic and thematic exhibitions that bring attention to young-emerging and under-recognised artists, art movements or little-explored themes and artistic practices. 


Commissioning new work to give the fullest possible expression to the creative voice of the artist. Each commission follows its own unique, individual course, opening up new dialogues, often within new cultural contexts and situations.


Working with a nucleus of established and emerging artists across the contemporary arts. Nurturing and representing those at an early stage in their careers, offering opportunities for the production and presentation of new work.


Publishing provides an important accompaniment to ongoing commissioning and exhibition activities from exhibition catalogues, monographs to electronic publications.